The Fragrance industry particularly in the Middle East is passing through an interesting time with potential opportunities for the future.

With recent global recession, the luxury and personal care industry took a different challenging position where most of the top multinational brands were pushed to tap virgin or emerging markets globally. Middle East being one of the most opportune markets with highest per capita spends on personal care is the obvious choice of international fragrance brands. At the same time, regional and local fragrance brands have to keep up with the influx of international brands. Ultimately consumers will benefit from this interesting scenario. Top multinational brands have the clear edge on market understanding, marketing strategy and prompt product development capabilities with best of technology available at this time.

On the other hand, regional brands are strengthened by their glorious history, cultural connect and religious factor. Fragrance industry as a whole will prosper and touch new heights of perfection, quality and professionalism brought by the combination of both of the worlds.

Fragrance production in the region has a long history. Initiating imports from neighbouring South Asian countries and serving the needs of regional and East Asian countries. Top manufacturers of UAE include Swiss Arabian Perfumes, Rassasi Perfumes, Ajmal Perfumes and Al Haramain. There is a trend of new emerging niche local fragrance manufacturers who are creating a ripple in the market by adopting international standards. Hiring top international fame bottle designers, creating fragrances from acclaimed fragrance houses globally and marketing them at par with multinational fragrance brands is a must to be competitive.

Another area of production is mass production of low and mid range of fragrances made for under developed countries including East Africa and the Far East.

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