The First International Art gallery of Artistic & Niche Fragrances. An event par excellence bringing together world’s best Artistic Perfumery originated from around the world. An innovative format with an artistic flair, promises to be an olfactive platform for bespoke fragrance enthusiasts globally.

We aim to become an international source of most innovative, artistic and ultra exclusive perfume collections and a significant reference point from an international perspective. Brands who stand out for the quality of their offerings, marketing choices, and their distinctive distribution of Niche signature perfumery. We pursue the objective of giving visibility to exclusive brands through stringent requirements based on quality and coherence to represent the art of perfumery and its creativity.

The SCENT aspires to become the global center of artistic niche perfumery and an exclusive international stage dedicated to innovation and olfactive excellence. Exquisite artistic presentation of sensory creativity appealing to the top connoisseurs of perfumes combined with creative and never before line up of rich and interesting events – that will include demonstration of art and olfactive collaborations, workshops, bespoke lectures and up-to-date innovative trends in Niche fragrances and its artistic appreciations – a unique immersive and incredible experience.