LUXURY” is evidently an overrated, misinterpreted, exaggerated and widely misunderstood phenomenon.

Current and future luxury brands must rework their marketing and communication strategies that not only appreciate consumer transformation from brand experience to self-expression but also equip themselves to tackle the upcoming challenges of innovative era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is creating ripples in the luxury market as well.

The next phenomenon is, I don’t need a brand that introduces me or defines me. I am THE BRAND.

These commercial tangible or intangible brands have to follow me, marketing heads of these brands need to work around me and align their positioning towards me. I don’t need a bridge or a translator to express myself, maybe a brand needs me to express them. I possess far more power and authority to reflect and resonate. In the end, I am alive, communicating, moving, breathing, not a commodity, idol item or just a glorified brand.

PERSONALIZATION is the future of luxury, not the brand architecture that imitates to define YOU.

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