Global Luxury Market has emerged as the most promising arena internationally with highest per capita spends in the world. With abundant of luxury and niche brands that heavily coated with branding, packaging, celebrity endorsements, social media, influencers and let’s not forget the sales, discounts and offers that sway our buying decisions. Bespoke consumers are profoundly cluttered with the noise and genuine luxury icons have a challenge to keep their identity intact and portray what they really stand for.

This MASTER CLASS is a Market intelligence capsule, that is designed to share insights information on international luxury market and its cash rich and tasteful consumer. These exclusive sessions are structured around a mix of industry specific information about key international luxury markets. We will map a plan for most effective key indicators for a luxury icon such as launch strategies, marketing techniques, consumer tastes & trends, distribution channels, margins, pricing, storytelling and penetration to the right market segment at the right time.

The interactive and inclusive discussion will answer most pivotal questions and challenges we all face while positioning a luxury icon. Most successful international niche icons are not only analyzing the ever-changing landscape of 1% of the highest per capita industry but also monitoring the upcoming enveloping trends.

You will walk out with enhanced understanding of the global luxury and niche market and how to connect this proficiency to your future strategy.

This is a tailor-made program for understanding the REAL NICHE and LUXURY segment with aspects of clear positioning and packaging in terms of choosing the apt medium of communication.

(Exclusive to luxury industry)

President / Business Heads
Expansion enthusiasts – From Local to Global
Marketing Heads
Bloggers & Influencers
Brand Managers
Luxury Event Planners
Communication Specialists
Luxury PR experts
Social Media Professionals
New Brand Leaders

Landscape of Global Luxury Market
Social Media and its impact on luxury spending
Present & Future trends in international luxury world
Luxurious world of males
Understanding the affluent mindset
Latest trends of modern women
Touching the right cultural and traditional notes
Local to global transition
Do’s and Don’ts of Luxury world
Guidance on international cultural norms
& More…