Layering Effect – 7 Times Sales Spree

Fragrance is an extremely interesting and evolving industry when seen in perspective of Middle East enthralling economic pattern. Arab consumers take fragrances not as a cosmetic accessory but an everyday ritual. A traditional practice in the Middle East fragrance lovers is called “Layering Effect” where they wear around 3-7 different fragrances at a time. Main reason for this layering technique is to create his or her own recipe of fragrance that cannot be revealed or discovered by anyone. This not only entices fragrance buyers to experiment but also impacts big way to the innovation and versatility of the Arabian fragrance industry. Not to mention its effects on the ambitious sales numbers of the Middle Eastern market.

Middle Eastern industry has taken a sharp turn towards niche and luxury fragrances in the last decade. Consumer have gone selective so as the brands. I am not aware of any mainstream or niche fragrance brand globally who have not appreciated the oriental side of the scent family. Comparison, evaluation, mix and match of these western and eastern brands will surely create an extraordinary learning experience not only for the curators but also fir the fragrance consumers.

As fragrances are one of the most personal indulgence items as a category, it does have a few distinctive perimeters in terms of culture, usage, environment, social values and traditions. European fragrances are more lighter, floral and fresher where Middle Eastern fragrances tend to be more stronger, oriental and long lasting. For instance, if a person is wearing a Middle Eastern fragrance, the whiff can be felt in the radius of 3-10 mtrs depending on how strong the fragrance is.

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