As the global fragrance industry is evolving from mass-market segmentation to prestige and then to niche, same pattern can be read in the past years in the Middle East.

Fragrance connoisseurs are always looking for exclusivity and individuality of personality that can be revealed from the fragrance they wear.

Western fragrance trends have been floral, fresh and fruity due to the obvious reasons of the tradition, weather condition and close to the nature behavior of buyers. But with Middle Eastern taste, oriental, woody, oud and bakhour are the basic notes of olfactive family.

With internationalization of fragrances, these boundaries seem to be eliminated. In the past, there was a dominance of western taste internationally even in the Middle East but with the natural cycle of economies, this has definitely changed now.

Western consumers are intrigued about oriental notes and eastern trends more than ever. Most of the global and multinational brands are adopting oud, bakhour and oriental directions. This adaptation not only gave leverage to western brand to tap the virgin oriental international brands market but also open horizon of opportunity to get best of the both worlds, western and eastern. Western brands are thrilled to capture the attention of Middle Eastern consumers and in response, Middle East market is well matching their expectations.

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