A Mandatory Component Of Advancement

Top International luxury corporates & brands are falling apart in acceptance of overlooking the paradigm shift of futuristic consumers. The recent pandemic has just given them a petite face saving. This is evidently a natural evolution from brand to consumer centric luxury profiling.

The real challenge, as well as an epitome of opportunity, lies within designer brands and bespoke services that gratify personalization. Their sheer choice of turn will predict their fate as they must choose between now or newness. Now is already gone as we live in it. The only intelligent option for niche is newness, futuristic and what is ahead of us. With the current thread of events in the last few quarters, less is more when comes to planning and forecasting unfortunately.

Luxury and niche brand leaders have their own individual trait, style, taste and this uniqueness defines and represents them. Such distinctive expertise are the result of their in depth industry knowledge, well round experience, minute observation and brave choice of style sense. Without any extended exaggeration, more often, the wealth of knowledge and learning these masterminds possesses surpass their brand kaleidoscope. They tend to limit their creative potential within the radius of the brand architecture. I believe this is the time to unlock the boundaries and reach out to complementing thought processes for inclusive advancement.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to create a futuristic luxury environment if we opt the path of inclusiveness. This does not mean to compromise or get inspired by your fellow niche brand philosophy, but to improvise on your own unique offering by connecting the chain in the process of exploring the right value for your brand and service. This also does not mean getting into further competition or sharing the piece of the cake but baking the cake to perfection with the help of the ultimate ultra-modern oven. The recipe and the presentation is exclusively yours only at the end. Inclusiveness will only add up to your brand story to get the true value from the connoisseur of luxury.

Designers brands have the agility to maneuver rather precipitously as compared to large commercial brands and this characteristic is the key to adopt to the new rules of game. When designer brands operate with inclusive strategic approach, their respective strengths turn in to the air under the wings. Challenges faced with current market pitfalls can be tackled by conclusive knowledge and experience that was limited to a single brand progression earlier.

This inclusive approach does not have to be a permanent or the only mode of advancement. We can adopt to our independent brand eco system once we can afford it as a system of its own with the industry. We were and we are dependent on each other anyways; its only now that we have to share more knowledge to lift each other and share our respective experience for the advancement into the new luxurious era of inclusiveness.

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