What is real LUXURY? Why are we being deceptively indulged into costly material objects in the name of Luxury? Do belongings and ownership circumscribe Luxury?

Time, relations, health, peace of mind and smiles are few of the rare commodities in these challenging times. We all discuss, crave and dream about these precious gifts but we all place a few obstacles in achieving these. Examples could be, busyness, selfishness, greed, competition, acquisitions and other ephemeral elements.

For instance, let’s take time as an example. It has become a norm to give an appointment for a call or meeting by end of the second week…. Or start a conversation by “ Oh I am soooo busy these days… I even forget to have lunch…”. And this statement is supposed to be a qualification of you being an awesome professional and how loaded you are with work etc. To me, you are just admitting how bad you are on time management. Seriously, if you can’t even manage your most important gift of all the blessings, TIME, what are you good at, I wonder.

First few words of the second paragraph are THE REAL LUXURY to me.

In the quest of fabricated pleasures of life, humanity has left us behind or we missed it somewhere on this bumpy road. Humans are innovators, inquisitive and achievers by nature. And this very attribute of human DNA has been played off by brands and their marketers. I would fairly blame this on both, us and brands.

Luxury is surely deceptive or being personified in materialistic elements of high price and value with limited accessibility, this could be anything but not Luxury at all.

Articles that comfort our lives rendering our personality along with affordability at the time and location of our choice could be Luxury. But few idol items that are acquired in pursuit of superiority, status, showoff, blind following or to become an impostor, does not interpret Luxury.


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